Stationary concrete plants SIMI

Stationary concrete plants with in-line silos are made according to the modern concept of the concrete plant, with simple and robust construction with a reliable and cost-effective delivery.

Control is performed via the most modern computer system and allows you to obtain the highest quality of concrete mixtures.

In the construction of concrete plants, special attention is paid to the dimensions of all the elements so that they can be installed very quickly.

Basic advantages of stationary concrete plant SIMI

  • 1. Low transportation costs
  • 2. Equipment in transport dimensions
  • 3. Low installation costs
  • 4. Compact design
  • 5. Simple construction
  • 6. Equipped with the latest computer systems
  • 7. High quality product

Models of stationary concrete plant SIMI (capacity in m3 / h):

  • BSA 15, BSA 20, BSA 30
  • BSA 45, BSA 60, BSA 90
  • BSA 100, BSA 110, BSA 120, BSA 150, BSA 180